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Lavender Lie: One Man's Escape from Homosexuality

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by Rusty Walker, Marvin Sprouse, Jr. Ph.D

Rusty Walker was an HIV Positive, homosexual male prostitute. This book details how Rusty became enmeshed in homosexuality, lived the life, and escaped. Rusty's escape plan began when he had what he called his Damascus Road Experience. Rusty describes in detail how homosexuality is marketed, why homosexuals believe they are stuck forever, and how he came to know, through scriptures, that God always provides a way of escape for all sinners.

This book was written for two audiences; the homosexual seeking an escape and the Christian confused about how to help a homosexual to escape.

The book begins with an account of how a "trick" tried to kill Rusty in his car with a pistol, and how Rusty has repeatedly been miraculously spared. The book reads like a novel, and will change the way America thinks about the great deception of homosexuality.