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Counseling the Homosexual: A Compassionate and Accurate Guide for Pastors and Counselors

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by Michael R. Saia

A step-by-step guide for equipping churches and families to effectively approach, support and counsel those who struggle with homosexuality

From the reviewers:

"A manual that deals at length and in detail with counseling procedures for people with sexual-orientation difficulties. And these procedures amount to a well-rounded program of instruction in Christian living, particularly geared to those who are especially tempted by biblical desire." Dr. William Backus, author of Telling the Truth to Troubled People

 "A brilliant integration of the psychology of the homosexual condition with biblical solutions, laid out step by step for the Christian counselor. I think it is the most solidly biblical approach to the problem of homosexuality that I have ever read." Bob Davies, Executive Director of Exodus International

"A thoughtful guidebook based on pastoral experience-carefully written and makes effective use of principles of Christian living, especially as they apply to the deliverance of homosexual persons." Richard Lovelace, Professor of Church History at Gordon-Conwell Theological