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Transgender to Transformed: A Story of Transition That Will Truly Set You Free

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by Laura Perry

Today's culture is drowning in the lies of the "born that way" ideology that claims desires and feelings cannot change or be overridden. Transgender to Transformed chronicles the story of Laura Perry, a former transgender, who believed those same lies and was determined to never return to being female no matter what it cost her. And cost her, it did.

Like many who feel trapped in the wrong body, Laura "transitioned" to the opposite sex through irreversible surgeries, hormone injections, and a legal name change. Yet, despite her initial elation at living as a male, her new identity failed to bring her the peace and fulfillment she longed for. Realizing that she was living a lie, what was promised to be freedom had instead become a prison cell.

Filled with raw, honest emotion, Laura's story sheds light on the common deceptions about the transgender lifestyle, and exposes the frustration and hopelessness of living with a self-created identity that is in opposition to who God created. It bravely leads the way out of the darkness and into the light of freedom that transgenders may desperately be seeking.

In Transgender to Transformed you will find:

  • Practical insights into the mind of a transgender to help you understand how to better love them
  • How to deal with loved ones who are transitioning
  • Hope and help for those who are struggling with gender dysphoria


Laura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named "Jake," before realizing the deception of the transgender lifestyle and leaving it all behind. Embracing her true identity as a woman, her transformation was chronicled in a documentary, and she shares her story at churches and conferences, in articles, and on various programs, to help others find the same freedom she has. Laura lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.